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Establishing a Company Identity
This takes quite a long time, creating a logo and company identity that you can live with long term is really important. Your company logo shold also be capeable of being altered or updated so that it retains its intrinsic appearance and familiarity with the public and does not become unrecognisable.

Using your Logo Design
You can have just a logo designed if you want, but we prefer to put it into the context of your stationery and signage. If you use our logo design services, you'll be at least half way to having your entire stationery and print artwork prepared, you'll already have seen designs that relate to vehicle, office or shop signage.

The many facets of your company identity and logo
Your company logo should be able to adapt to being presented to the public in a very large format such as a vehicle and also be easily recognisable at a small size when printed on your business cards

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